Our Services

Every UP RVA student has an action plan to ensure success in high school and beyond. Our staff and community partners work together to provide a wide-range of unparalleled services to help students reach their potential.

These include activities and support both in and out of school, in an effort to ensure not just educational success but success in life as well.

Educational Services

After School Program

Each afternoon, students attend After School where they have access to tutors, counselor, wifi, dinner and a quiet place to do homework.


Each student is provided with a computer from either their school or UP RVA.

Summer Institute

Unique to UP RVA, this three-week immersive experience allows new students to acclimate to the independent school environment during the summer prior to their freshman year.

Help with SAT’s

Students receive help with SAT prep to ensure the most positive outcome.

College Visits

This is an exciting time but also a time that can cause angst for some students. UP RVA is there every step of the way to provide guidance and support.

“I called my grandmother and she danced with happiness, I screamed with joy! I will make you proud that you invested in me. Thank you for your donation.”

Life Services


From 6:00 am to 10:00 pm our drivers are on the road, ensuring students arrive at school on time. In addition, students are picked up from school, sports and other extracurricular activities.


Our counselors provide social and emotional support that our students may need as they transition to independent schools.

After school support

Located at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School, you could say that our After-School program is the heartbeat of UP RVA. After a day of learning, our After-School program serves our students and the broader community by providing nightly access to wi-fi, tutors, counselors and dinner.

Part Time Employment

We encourage our students to acquire part time employment if feasible to provide a source of income while teaching life skills. UP RVA provides transportation for students with part time employment.

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